請致電本公司電話熱線 (852)2862 8688 , 歡迎瀏覽, Hong Kong. The Request Form may also be downloaded from the Company’ s website at or the HKE X news’ website at . Shareholders may at any time choose to receive (or change their choice of receipt) Corporate Communications (Note) : (1) either in printed form, 183 Queen’s Road East, Hopewell Centre, with no signature or otherwise incorrectly completed will be void. 如在本表格作出超過一項選擇、或未有作出選擇、或未有簽署、或在其余方面填寫不正確, [年报]舜宇光学科技:致股东之告诉信函及申请表格-年度报告、通函、会议通告及委任代表表格之公布告诉 工夫:2019年04月08日 09:40:44nbsp; SUNNY OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY (GROUP) COMPANY LIMITED 舜宇光學科技(集團)有限公司 ( Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability ) ( 於開曼群島註冊成立的有限公司 ) ( Stock Code : 2382 .HK ) ( 股份代號: 2382 .HK ) NOTIFICATION LETTER 通 知 信 函 8 April 201 9 Dear S hareholder, or the arrang ed p rinted form ( s ) of Current Corporate Communications are enclosed (if applicable) . You may access the Current Corporate Communications on the homepage of our website under the heading “Investor Relations” or by browsing through the HKE X news’ website . You will require Adobe. Reader. to view the relevant documents . If you would like to receive another printed version of the C urrent Corporate Communications in languages other than previously indicated to the Company , Hopewell Centre。

如在本港投寄毋須貼上郵票, you may at any time write or send email to the Company c/o the Hong Kong Share Registrar at the mailing addres s stipulated in the above paragraph or at the email address of ir@sunnyoptical.com. Even if you have chosen (or are deemed to have consented) to receive all future Corporate Communication s via Website ver s ion but for any reason you have difficulty in receiving or gaining access to the Current Corporate Communications , I/We would like to receive a printed copy in Chinese for this time only. 本人/我們現希望 僅在本次 收取一份中文印刷本, where applicable, Name(s) of Shareholder(s) # 股東姓名 # Signature 簽名 (Please use ENGLISH BLOCK LETTERS 請用英文正楷填寫 ) Address # 地址 # (Please use ENGLISH BLOCK LETTERS 請用英文正楷填寫 ) Contact telephone number 聯絡電話號碼 Date 日期 0 9 04201 9 1 0 # You are requ ired to fill in the details if you download this request form from the Company’s Website. 假定你從公司網站下載本申請表格, its summary financial report s ; (b) interim report s and, Wanchai。

the shareholder whose name stands first on the register of members of the Company in respect of the joint holding should sign on this Request Form in order to be valid. 如屬聯名股東, Chinese language version only or both language versions, with no box marked ( X ) ,。

or read the Website Versions; and (2) either in English language version only。

----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- -- -- ----- SNOH - 09 0 4 201 9 - 1(0) Request Form 申請表格 To: Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Company Limited (“Company”) (Stock Code: 2382 .HK ) c/o Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited 17M Floor, Hong Kong 致: 舜宇光學科技 ( 集團 ) 有限公司(「公司」) (股份代號: 2382 .HK ) 經香港地方證券登記有限公司 香港灣仔皇后大道東 183 號 合和核心 17M 樓 I/We have already received a printed copy of the Current Corporate Communications in Chinese / English or have chosen (or are deem ed to have consented) to read the Current Co rporate Communications posted on the website of the Company and HKE X news . I/We would like to receive printed version of the Current Corporate Communications (as defined on the revised side) of the Company as indicated below: 本人/我們 已收取本次公司通訊文件之 中文 / 英文 印刷本或已選擇(或 被視為已同意)瀏覽公司網站 及香港买卖所披露易網站 所登載之本次公司通訊文件,但現 希 望以下列形式收取 公司 本次 公司通訊文件 之另一語言印刷本 : (Please mark ONLY ONE ( X ) of the following boxes) ( 請從下列選擇中, Circular,費用全免,本公司將應 閣下请求盡快向 閣下發送本次公司通訊文件 之印刷版本。

或按安置附上本次公司通訊文件之印刷本(如適用),辦公時間為星期一至五(公眾假期除外)上午 9 時正至下午 6 時正或發送電郵至 ir@sunnyoptical.com,請將郵寄標籤剪貼於信封上, notwithst anding any wish to the contrary they have prev iously conveyed to the Company. If you would like to change your choice of language or means of receipt of the Company ’s Corporate Communications in the future , 如 閣下欲收取本次公司通訊文件之另一語言印刷本(而非先前向本公司提出之語言印刷本)。

directors ’ report s , 4. For the avoidance of doubt, please call the Company’s telephone hotline at (852) 2862 8688 during business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 6 : 0 0 p.m. from Monday to Friday, 5 . Please note that both printed English and Chinese versions of all the Company’s Corporate Communications which we have sent t o our Shareholders in th e past 12 months are available from the Company on request. They are also available on the Company’s website ( ) for five years from the date of first publication. 公司備有於過去 12 個月曾寄發予股東的公司通訊文件的中、英文 版印刷本, I/We would like to receive both the printed English and Chinese copies for this time only. 本人/我們現希望 僅在本次 收取英文和中文各一份印刷本。

並运用 隨附之郵寄標籤經香港地方證券登記有限公司(「 香港證劵登記處 」)寄回本公司(如在香港投寄,聚升财团队, where applicable,方為有效,任何在本申請表格上作出的除其上所列印的三個選擇項下批示以外的其余批示, t he Company will promptly upon your request send the Current Corporate Communication s to you in printed form free of charge. Should you have any qu eries relating to any of the above matters,則本 申請表格 須由該名於本公司股東名冊上就聯名持有股份其姓名位列首位的股東簽署, 儘管 閣下早前曾向本公司作出公司通訊文件 ( 附註 ) 收取形式或語言版本之選擇, Notes 附註: 1. Please complete all your details clearly. 請 閣下清楚填妥一切資料, Sunny Opt ical Technology (Group) Company Limited (the “Company”) – N otice of publication of Annual Report ,如 閣下已選擇日後收取公司通訊文件之網上 版本(或被視為已同意收取網上版本)。

如對本信 函內容有任何疑問, summary interim report s ; (c) notice s of meeting s ; (d) listing document s ; (e) circu lar s ; and (f) proxy form s . 各位股東 : 舜宇光學科技(集團)有限 公司(「本公司」) – 年 度 報告 、通函、周年股東大會會議通告及委任代表表格 (「 本次 公司通訊文件」)之發佈告诉 本公司的本次公司通訊文件的中、英文版本已上載於本公司網站 ( ) 及香港买卖所披露易網站 ( ews.hk ) (「 網上版本 」), excluding public holidays or send an email to ir@sunnyoptical.com. Yours faithfully, its annual accounts together with a copy of the auditors’ report s and, For and on behalf of Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Company Limited Ye Liaoning Chairman and Executive Director Note: Corporate Communications includes but not limited to (a) annual reports,本公司將不予處理, p lease complete the Request Form o n the reverse side (the “ Request Form ”) and send it to the Company c/o Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited (the “ Hong Kong Share Registrar ”), 閣下 可隨時按上段指定之郵寄地址或電郵地址 ( ir@sunnyoptical.com) 經香港證券登記處致函或電郵至本公司,香港證券登記處地址為香 港灣仔皇后大道東 183 號合和核心 17M 樓,請填妥本信函背面的申請表格(「 申請表格 」),請运用 Adobe. Reader. 在本公司網站主頁「投資者關係」一欄內或在香港买卖所披 露易網站開啟並瀏覽有關文件。

毋須貼上郵票;如在香港以外司法權區投寄, Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form ( the “ Current Corporate Communications”) T he English and Chinese version s of the Company’s Current C orporate C ommunications are available at the Company’s website at and the HKE X news’ website at (the “ Website Versions ”) ,但因任何起因無法接管或獲取本次公司通訊文件,請貼 上適當郵票), using the mailing label printed thereon (no stamp s will be required if posted in Hong Kong. P lease affix a ppropriate stamp s and postages if posting from jurisdictions out of Hong Kong) . The address of the Hong Kong Share Registrar is 17M Floor, Please cut the mailing label and stick it on the envelope to return th is Request Form to us. No postage stamp nece ssary if posted in Hong Kong . 香港地方證券登記有限公司 Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited 簡便回郵號碼 Freepost No. 37 香港 Hong Kong 中财网 , 2. If your shares are held in joint names,申請表格亦可於本公司網站 ( ) 或香港买卖所 披露易網站 ( ) 內下載,僅在其中 一個空格 內劃上「 X 」號 ) I/We would like to receive a printed copy in English for this time only. 本人/我們現希望僅在本次收取一份英文印刷本, . - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------- ------- 郵寄標籤 MAILING LABEL 閣下寄回此 申請表格 時,轉為 (1) 以印刷本或網上形式收取;及 (2) 只收取英文印刷本、或只收取 中文印刷本;或同時收取中、英文印刷本。

持續 5 年載於公司網站 ( ) 上,但仍可以隨時更改有關選擇,如 閣下欲更改今後本公司之公司通訊文件之語言版本及收取形式, Wanchai,則本表格將會作廢, 183 Queen’s Road East, 請 必須填上 有關資料,該等通訊文件亦由初次登載日期起計, 代表 舜宇光學科技(集團)有限公司 主席兼執行董事 葉遼寧 謹啟 201 9 年 4 月 8 日 附註:公司通訊文件囊括但不限於: (a) 年報、 董事會報告、年度 帳目 連同核數師報告及 財務摘要報告 ( 如適用 ) ; (b) 中期報告及中期摘要報告 ( 如適用 ) ; (c) 會議通告 ; (d) 上市文件; (e) 通函;及 (f) 委任代表表格, 3. Any form with more than one box marked ( X ) , we do not accept any alternative instructions given on this Re quest Form other than as cont emplated under the three selections printed herein . 為免存疑。